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Resources for researching topics related to the Driving Question: "How can we expand educational opportunities and achievement?"

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Use this guide to get started on your research, and don't hesitate to ask a librarian for help at one of the library reference desks or in the chat boxes on these pages.


Presearch = generating keywords, synonyms, and alternate terms. Take a moment to think about alternative ways to describe your topic before searching. Here are some search terms you might use related to educational opportunities and achievement - depending on the aspects you are looking for.

  • education; students; school; college‚Äč
  • opportunity; access 
  • achievement; success; graduation rates

Sometime using antonyms can be helpful, for instance

  • obstacles; disproportionate impact (for lack of opportunity)
  • failure rates (for lack of success)

How to Come up with a Research Question

Use data as a tool, not data as your goal. Don't try to collect everything that is out there on your topic.Instead, identify a problem, issue, or controversy related to one of the issues.

A model for research:

  • Begin with a question
  • Collect data (books, ebooks, articles)
  • Organize the data you have collected
  • Figure out how each piece of data can be used to answer your question
  • Draw conclusions and make recommendations


[Based on Research Strategies, 5th edition, by William Badke, Chapter 2]

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