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English 1A, Happiness: Web

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Finding Web Information

Searching for information on the web efficiently requires developing a search strategy. Is the information sought very specific? If so,  a search engine is the best search tool to use with keywords to describe the exact information need. Unsure or looking for more general information on a topic?  Start with a subject directory and search broad topics. Many specialized databases and search tools are also available on the web.

Google Scholar

Sample Google searches:

happiness OR "well being" homogeneous OR homogeneity

The search above might make more sense if you look at it like this:

(happiness OR "well being") AND (homogenous OR homogeneity)

Other sample searches:

denmark happy OR happiest OR happiness homogeneous OR homogeneity

denmark OR scandinavia happiness OR "well being" homogeneous OR homogeneity

 happiness OR "well being" homogeneous OR homogeneity diversity OR "cultural pluralism"

Google Books

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