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IDST 50 (Kusnir) Education Equity Issues: Background


  • Encyclopedias are useful for getting ideas. Browse a detailed table of contents or topic outline.
  • Encyclopedias are useful for getting an overview or summary about a subject.
  • Encyclopedias are useful for identifying keywords you can use to search the online catalog, databases, and the Web. Keep track of the keywords you come across as you read.
  • Encyclopedia entries may lead you to other sources. Look for a bibliography ("Further Reading," "Resources") at the end of an article.
  • The information you learn will help you better understand your topic and prepare you to evaluate subsequent resources.


If the title interests you, read the table of contents and read a chapter. 

Select Encyclopedias

Brainstorming Keywords

  • standardized tests
  • social justice
  • democracy and education
  • educational divide
  • equal education
  • race and education
  • opportunity gap
  • achievement gap
  • stereotype gap
  • education and quality
  • discrimination in education
  • tracking
  • grade retention
  • minorities and education
  • multicultural education

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