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Health 201: Community Health Work, Principles & Practice: Trusted Web Sites

Web Evaluation Tips

When you're looking for websites to use in academic research, it's good to run it through the CRAAP test.

Remember the CRAAP test 

Currency Is the content current? When was it published? For medical information, it's important that you're looking at the most up to date content.

Relevance Is the content relevant to your topic? Does it help address the issues you're writing about in your paper?

Authority Is the author of the content authoritative? What is their educational/professional background as it relates to the topic of your paper?

Accuracy Are the arguments and assertions made by the author backed up by references? Are the references high in quality?

Purpose What is the intended purpose of the site? How are they monetized? Does the author/organization have an agenda or bias?

Check out the full list of questions you should be asking of your website at the CRAAP test page from CSU Chico.

Trusted Health Websites

medline plus logo

General Health Sites:

  • Medline Plus (National Library of Medicine).  Good background on various diseases, conditions, and public health issues.  If you are looking for a topic, check out this list of population groups and health issues.
  • (National Institutes of Health).  A vast resources of medical research and health initiative data.
  • (Centers for Disease Control & Prevention).  Great source for reliable background information on health conditions and communicable diseases.

Health Demographics & Data:

  • State Health Facts (Kaiser Family Foundation).  Includes clickable area maps on CA and the entire nation that geographically depicts health demographic information.
  • National Center for Health Statistics Subset of the Center for Disease Control's website that offers  user-friendly interface to locate health data.
  • SFHIP Focusing exclusively on the city and county of San Francisco, this site shares health data for the region.  Every three years, the organziation that runs this site, a federation of public and private locale health agenies, conducts a comprehensive health assessment for the region.
  • Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality Under the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, you can query the datasets to generate an analysis based on specific population data. This site also has health information for consumers, health care providers and policy makers.
  • Office of Minority Health Another site under the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, you can access profiles for a variety of populations with including links to the source statistics. 

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