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Research Skills

Research tips, citing sources, evaluating information

Library Research Skills Workshops

Learning to do library and web-based information research, also called information competency, is important for college work and career skills.  Library Information Skills 1000 is a non-credit course offered as seven independent workshops that can be used to help students meet the information competency learning outcomes required by their courses and as part of the CCSF Information Competency graduation requirement.

More information about these workshops.

The Research Process

This short video walks you through the steps of the research process. If you are off campus, you'll need to login with your library card barcode in order to view it.

Screen Shot of Research Process Video

Evaluating Information

Remember that anyone can publish anything on the Web, so you are responsible for evaluating the quality of the Web pages you use for your papers and assignments. Here are some questions to use to evaluate Web pages.  

More about evaluating information.

Subject Guide

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