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Finding Ebooks

In addition to traditional print books, CityCat, the Library's Online Public Access Catalog, also provides access to over 130,000 electronic books (eBooks). To access an eBook while on campus, click on the brief bibliographic record to access the full bibliographic record. From here, click on the hyperlink below "Full text EBSCOhost". You will be redirected to another page where you may read the eBook by clicking on "eBook Full Text". Many eBooks may also be downloaded to your personal computer or tablet for offline reading. For titles offering this option, click on "Download This e-Book (Offline)".

To access this resource from off-campus, you will need to enter 14-digit barcode number on your student/staff photo ID in order to access the EbscoHost EBook Collection:

student id showing barcode number

You may also search Ebscohost EBook Collection directly to find Ebooks. More information on our EBook collection.

Ebsco EBook Collection

Recommended Ebooks

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