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APA Citation

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Citing Sources

Any words, ideas or images that you do not create yourself must be properly credited to avoid plagiarism.  

Citing information sources acknowledges the origin of your information and it provides support and credibility to your work by showing evidence of your research.

citation is a reference to the source of an idea, information or image.  It typically includes enough identifying information, such as the author, title, date,  publication format, etc.

APA Style Guides

APA (American Psychological Association) style is used primarily in the social sciences such as Psychology and Sociology.


NoodleBib (or NoodleTools) is an online system to help you create your APA citations and References page.

Noodlebib Logo

  • Be sure to link to NoodleBib from the icon above (or from the Citing Information Sources webpage).
  • If you are new to NoodleBib, create your user account. 
  • Write down your user name and password!
  • Off-campus users: You will need to login twice:  
    • The first is your CCSF Library login (barcode) for getting to the NoodleBib homepage. 
    • The second is to login to your own NoodleBib account.
    • OR after you have created a NoofleTools account, you can sign in from the NoodleTools website

APA Publication Manual

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