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CAHS 209: Food Business Entrepreneurship : Permits - Gov.

This guide provides starting points for conducting research for assignments in CAHS 209: Food Business Entrepreneurship

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Permits & Govt Agencies

This website assists you in finding appropriate permit information for your business. It also provides contact information for the various agencies that administer & issue these permits. Search by city, county and business type.

SF Planning Dept - Restaurant & Foodservice
This Getting Started Guide walks you through the necessary permits, codes, application processes.

Mobile Food Facilities
Registration, permits, applications to legally operate a food truck in SF. FAQ

San Francisco Dept. of Health - Food Safety Program
Provides information on the restaurant scoring system, restaurant inspections and detailed descriptions of violators.

FDA: Overview of Requirements ofr a Food Business
Food business must pass regulatory requirements. Some of these requirements apply to all food businesses, and some are specific to the particular food product, such as low-acid canned food, seafood, or juice. This FDA resources is a good starting point ot learn of the specific requirements for any given food business; additinal stte and local requirements may also be applicable.

San Francisco Tax & Treasurers Office:  Starting a Business
Business resource center for San Francisco business people. 

Oakland Business Assistance Center
Business resource center for Oakland business people. 

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