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Latin American and Latino/a Studies (LALS 1) & Labor and Community Studies (LBCS 15): Books & more

LALS 1 -- Latino/a Diaspora: The Impact of Latinos Living in the United States (Cuellar); LBCS 15 -- Latin American Workers in the Americas (Figueroa Landeros)

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Sample Search Terms

Effective library catalog searches use the best keywords and subject headings for the topic at hand. For topics related to race and ethnicity, it may be necessary to think about how a population has been described in the past in order to come up with a complete list of effective search terms. Below are some recommendations.

You may wish to start your catalog search by keyword. Examples:

Ethnicity and Race in General 
- antiracism
- antisemitism
- ethnic groups 
- ethnic relations 
- ethnicity
- minorities
- people of color
- race 
- race discrimination
- racial 
- racism

Immigrant Populations
- immigrants 
- emigration or immigration 
- illegal aliens 
- undocumented aliens 
- [nationality] and immigration (example: Guatemalans and immigration)

Latino Americans
- Latino/as 
- Hispanics 
- Hispanic Americans 
- Chicano/as 
- Mexican Americans (or other specific nationality)

Sample searches:


globalization latin america

workforce united states

immigrant rights


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An active RAM ID (student ID number) and RAM ID password is required for off-campus access to CCSF Library subscription resources and databases, including online articles, streaming video, and e-books. When accessing these resources from off-campus, users will be prompted to log in with RAM ID, then will be able to view resources as if they are on-campus.

Finding Books


Several Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH) are used to describe Latinos in the United States: 

Hispanic Americans (not Latinos and Latinas) Used to describe United States citizens of Latin American descent. Examples:

Hispanic Americans -- Economic conditions

Hispanic Americans -- History

Latin Americans  Used to describe citizens of Latin American countries.  

Latin Americans -- United States  Used to describe citizens of Latin American countries in the United States.

NOTE: The Library of Congress uses “Mexican Americans” and "Mexican American Women" as the authorized subject headings and NOT “Chicanos” and "Chicanas." Examples:

Mexican Americans -- Civil rights

Mexican Americans -- Ethnic identity

There are also narrower terms that may be used to search a specific Hispanic American ethnic group:

Cuban Americans

Dominican Americans

Nicaraguan Americans 

Peruvian Americans


To begin research, do a subject search on "Latin America" and browse through its subdivisions such as the following:

Latin America                    

Latin America -- Civilization     

Latin America -- Economic Conditions

Latin America -- Emigration and immigration

Latin America -- Politics and government

Latin America -- Relations -- United States

To research a particular country, search for that country and add subject headings. Examples:


Mexico -- Relations -- United States


Peru -- Social conditions

Other examples of subject headings:

Immigrants -- Civil rights -- United States

Labor -- United States -- History

Foreign workers, Mexican -- United States

Selected Books

Selected e-Books

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