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Latin American and Latino/a Studies (LALS 1) & Labor and Community Studies (LBCS 15): Home

LALS 1 -- Latino/a Diaspora: The Impact of Latinos Living in the United States (Cuellar); LBCS 15 -- Latin American Workers in the Americas (Figueroa Landeros)

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Research Guide Overview:

This guide is intended to help students find scholarly resources for class assignments and research papers. Sources include books, e-books, articles, web sources, and multimedia.

Other research guides you may find useful:

History 1 (U.S. History, 1900 to present); History 9 (Immigrants in the U.S.); History 17B (The United States)

Health 25: Women's Health (focus on Latinas)

Political Science

Women's Studies

Art 105: Ancient Art and Architecture of Latin America

Final Research Paper for LBCS 15

Students choose a subject  in consultation with Ms. Figueroa Landeros. The paper should be on an aspect of the course or on a special topic determined by the student. 


  • 8-10 pages
  • 5 credible sources
  • Sources cited in either MLA or APA style


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