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Health 59: Intro to Community Health Work: Finding Books

This guide will help you find books, articles and websites for Health 59.

CityCat Tips

Use the gold box on the right to search CityCat.

  1. CityCat defaults to a keyword search, so if you type in, say, diabetes, it will find books that contain diabetes in the title, assigned subject headings, or any general notes about the book (chapter tites, etc.).  This is a good way to start out.
  2. If you have a specific title of a book you are looking for, simply click the "title" button to limit your search to that exact title.
  3. Other useful limits include subjects.  Subject refers to an assigned, descriptive heading that describes what a book is about.  This is helpful because you often get more relevant results this way, but also, you'll "catch" works that may not include the term you picked to search on, but are very much about your topic.

Recommended and New Books

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