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Health 53: Health in Society: Trusted Web Sites

This guide provides a starting point for your research for Health 53, Health in Society.

CRAAP Test for Web Resources

Trusted Health Websites

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General Health Sites:

  • Medline Plus (National Library of Medicine).  Good background on various diseases, conditions, and public health issues.  If you are looking for a topic, check out this list of population groups and health issues.
  • (National Institutes of Health).  A vast resources of medical research and health initiative data.

Health Demographics & Data:

  • State Health Facts (Kaiser Family Foundation).  Includes clickable area maps on CA and the entire nation that geographically depicts health demographic information.
  • National Center for Health Statistics Subset of the Center for Disease Control's website that offers  user-friendly interface to locate health data.
  • SFHIP Focusing exclusively on the city and county of San Francisco, this site shares health data for the region.  Every three years, the organziation that runs this site, a federation of public and private locale health agenies, conducts a comprehensive health assessment for the region.

Health Services

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