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Journalism: Research Skills

Evaluating Sources

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Evaluating Information

All sources need to be evaluated in some way to be sure they meet your information need, in addition to considerations like authority, currency, accuracy and bias. Since anyone can publish anything on the Web, your must even more rigorously evaluate the quality of the Web pages you consider using.

Here are some journalism resources to help you think about what to consider when evaluating sources for journalism.

The basics of evaluating websites, from a journalism instructor

Associated Press Managing Editors Statement of Ethical Principles

More from CCSF Library about evaluating information.

Managing Research Projects

NoodleTools is a subscription service available to you through CCSF Library. Many people know it as a citation manager, but it offers much more to help you manage multiple research projects.  The video below briefly introduces you to projects in NoodleTools.

Click here for more tutorials on managing research with NoodleTools.

Style guides

Purdue's OWL Guide to Associated Press (AP) Style
Purdue's Online Writing Lab is well known for its great resources for writers. This is their guide to following Associated Press, 46th ed. (2011) style.

Library Research Skills Workshops

Learning to do library and web-based information research is an important part of information competency. These abilities are increasingly important in our networked, information-rich society and can be applied in college work, as well as in one’s personal and professional life.  The library offers several Library Research Skills workshops that can help students meet the information competency learning outcomes required by their courses and as part of the CCSF Information Competency graduation requirement.

Fact Checking

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