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There (really) is an app for that! Promoting research skills with cloud-friendly tech tools: Zotero

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Used to be that Zotero was the financially-challenged person's answer to fee-based bibliographic software such as Refworks or Endnote.  

These days it's fully featured and in some ways better than the pro services.

Zotero is all about options.  You use it to grab and collect info about articles, books, and sites you find on the web.  Zotero lets you access your citation library via it's website, through a standalone desktop application, or through your web browser.  Very flexible, and your collection is with your wherever you go!

Zotero Quick Start Guide (check out the intro video--it's very helpful)

Zotero Quick Tips

Zotero has many features, and consequently it can take some time to get familiar with the application.  Here are a few common features to help get you started.

  • Download Zotero for the browser you'll be using.  If you use Firefox, you don't need to install the standalone desktop application as Zotero will run entirely within the browser.
  • You can access your Zotero library from your computer or via the could by going to the zotero web site and logging in.
  • Organize the articles you save in zotero by creating folders or applying descriptive tags and notes.
  • Export lists of articles to create bibiographies in various citation styles.  In the web version, select the docs you want to format for your bibliography, then choose the cite (looks like bullet points) button in the upper right. You can copy and paste into word, pages, etc.


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