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There (really) is an app for that! Promoting research skills with cloud-friendly tech tools: EBSCO folders

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EBSCO Folders

This short video will get you up and running with creating EBSCOhost accounts and saving citations & articles.

EBSCOhost accounts are great tools to pass on to your students.  Feel free to add this tutorial to your Insight page or web site.  The url and embed code are available at the end.

Getting to EBSCOhost

Currently enrolled students, staff and faculty can access EBSCOhost via the library website.

Simply go to the CCSF library website and choose articles and databases.  EBSCOhost is the first database option.

An active RAM ID is required to access EBSCOhost from home.



Quick Tips

  • To access your save articles log into EBSCOhost via the library website and sign in with your personal account.  ALWAYS go throught the library site as this is how EBSCO recognize you as a subscriber.
  • To save a search, say on online education and community college, run the search, then find the "share" link in the upper right corner, just above your search results.  You can set up email alerts that will notify you when new articles appear in the database, or simply save the search string in your folder to be re-rerun next time you log in.
  • Create topical folders within your folder for specific research projects or classes.  Simply go to "My Custom Folders."
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